Friday, April 23, 2010

What am I About?

There's about a metric bajillion of feminist bloggers, so I'm not doing anything new. I just want a place to expand my thoughts further on the blogs I read. So I'll tell you my context, where I'm coming from.

I'm pretty privileged, as far as things go. I'm a white cis-woman, able-bodied for now (but temporarily disabled during the summer of 2009), and in a monogamous heterosexual relationship. I'm Canadian, so I have free healthcare, and it makes me happy.

But I identify as a feminist, I want to adopt, I'm dubious about the environmental effects of disposable razors, disposable sanitary products, and cosmetics. My views on these are apparently radical, but I just see them as the way I carry on about my life.

I think that feminism is relevant an important. I think homophobia and racism are ridiculous, hurtful, bullshit and inexcusable. Controlling women's bodies is wrong. Controlling children's choices via gender pressure is wrong.
I've recently started reading a lot about ableism, and quite a few disability blogs. I've never used the word retarded, and I'm now thinking about why I use the word lame - my father is lame. I love my father.

I am used to most of the regular derails. If you try to derail, I'll link you to derailing for dummies. If you're insulted that I did this, read the article and think about it. Derails are boring, derails take away from my time, and derails don't respectfully engage with the idea being posted. So don't derail please?

I love to engage. I will chat and chat and chat with you, as long as everybody is respecting everybody. If you're being disrespectful, I will no longer chat with you, but I will say "hey buddy, be respectful" and if you continue then you're welcome to google yourself a different blog.

All told, I like sarcasm, irony amuses me, I love the dry humour you observe among so many of the feminist bloggers these days. That is because there's so much bullshit that you really must laugh about it. But don't be fooled. I'm still mad about it.